Aluminum alloy die casting process knowledge

Key words:Aluminum Die Casting, process knowledge


The die-casting process is an organic combination of the three elements of die-casting machine, die-casting mold, and die-casting alloy, and a comprehensive application process. The process of filling the cavity with metal during die casting is a process of dynamically balancing process factors such as pressure, speed, temperature, and time. These process factors both restrict each other and complement each other. Only by selecting and adjusting these factors correctly and making them consistent can the expected results be obtained.

During the die-casting process, not only pay attention to the manufacturability of the casting structure, the advanced nature of the mold, the performance and structure of the die-casting machine, the adaptability of the die-casting alloy selection and the standardization of the melting process. More attention should be paid to the important effect of pressure, speed, and time on the quality of castings.